Asst. Prof. Dr. Natthawuddhi Donlao

Assistant Professor, Lecturer in Food Science and Technology Program
Tel: +66 5391 6749


  • Ph.D. (Bioresource science), Chiba University, Japan (2018)
  • M.E. (Food engineering), King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand (2009)
  • B.S. (Food science and technology ), Chiangmai University, Thailand (2002)

Research Interests:

  • Postharvest and food engineering
  • Impacts of environmental factors and manufacturing practices on end-use quality and digestibility of foods
  • Effect of process unit operation on tea quality
  • In vitro digestive recovery of bioactive compounds as affected by food processing
  • Medicinal foods and alternative food sources

Selected Publications:

  • Bunyameen, N., Perin, A. and Donlao, N. 2020. Utilization of Banana Agricultural Waste: — Effects of Processing Conditions on Properties of Unripe Banana ( Musa Cavendish ) Pulp and Peel Flours —. Engineering in Agriculture 13(4):129-138. [Availble]
  • Donlao, N. and Ogawa, Y. 2019. The influence of processing conditions on catechin, caffeine and chlorophyll contents of green tea (Camelia sinensis) leaves and infusions. LWT – Food Science and Technology 116-108567. [Available]
  • Ogawa, Y., Donlao, N., Thuengtung, S., Tian, J., Cai, Y., Reginio Jr, F. C., Ketnawa, S., Yamamoto, N. and Tamura, M. 2018. Impact of food structure and cell matrix on digestibility of plant-based food. Current Opinion in Food Science 19: 36-41. [Available]
  • Donlao, N. and Ogawa, Y. 2018. Impacts of processing conditions on digestive recovery of polyphenolic compounds and stability of the antioxidant activity of green tea infusion during in vitro gastrointestinal digestion. LWT – Food Science and Technology 89: 648-656. [Available]
  • Donlao, N., Matsushita, Y. and Ogawa, Y. 2018. Influence of postharvest drying conditions on resistant starch content and quality of non-waxy long-grain rice (Oryza sativa L.). Drying Technology 36(8): 952-964. [Available]
  • Donlao, N. and Ogawa, Y. 2017. Impact of postharvest drying conditions on in vitro starch digestibility and estimated glycemic index of cooked non-waxy long grain rice (Oryza sativa L.). Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 97(3): 896-901. [Available]
  • Ogawa,Y. and Donlao, N. 2018. Effect of Postharvest Drying Condition on Starch Digestibility of Cooked Rice. 한국농업기계학회 학술발표논문집 23(1): 84-85. [Available]
  • Susantikan, P. and Donlao, N. 2016. Optimization of green tea extracts spray drying as affected by temperature and maltodextrin content. International Food Research Journal 23(3): 1327-1331. [Available]
  • Queentasari, D., Donlao, N., Fuggate, P. and Ahza, A.B. 2013. Effects of pretreatment and drying temperature on quality of dried bamboo shoots. Agricultural Sci. J. 44(2)(Supl.): 41-44. (in Thai with English abstract). [Available]
  • Singprasat, E., Donlao, N. and Chuemchaitrakun, P. 2013. Moisture Adsorption Isotherms of Banana Flour. Agricultural Sci. J. 44(2)(Suppl.): 185-188. (in Thai with English abstract). [Available]
  • Donlao, N. and Siriwattanayotin S. 2012. Moisture Adsorption Isotherms of Assam Green Tea Powder. The 1st Mae Fah Luang University International Conference, November 29 – December 1, 2012, Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai, Thailand. [Available]
  • Khumchum, N., Ratreepornthip, W., Donlao, N. and Punbusayakul, N. 2012. Effect of Spray Drying Temperature on Antioxidant Activity of Arabica Coffee Pulp. Agricultural Sci. J. 43(2)(Suppl.): 97-100. (in Thai with English abstract). [Available]

Book chapter:

  • Kaur, L. and Donlao, N. “Tea Antioxidants As Affected by Environmental Factors”. 2018. A chapter in Stress Physiology of Tea in the Face of Climate Change. Edited by Wen-Yan Han et al. Springer Nature [DOI: 0.1007/978-981-13-2140-5_14].


  • Donlao, N., Perin, A. and Bunyameen, N. 2019. Utilization of Banana Agricultural Waste: Effects of Processing Conditions on Properties of Unripe Banana (Musa Cavendish) Pulp and Peel Flours (Oral presentation). In: International Joint Conference on JSAM, SASJ and 13th CIGR VI Technical Symposium FWFNWG and FSWG workshops, 3-6 September 2019, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, JAPAN.
  • Donlao, N. and Ogawa, Y. 2017. The effects of drying temperature on the stability of polyphenols and antioxidant activity of green tea infusion after consumption (Poster presentation). In: 4th International Food Structures, Digestion and Health Conference, 24-27 October 2017, Sydney, AUSTRALIA.
  • Donlao, N. and Ogawa, Y. 2016. Effects of long-grain rough rice drying conditions on end-use quality and cooked rice digestibility (Oral presentation). In: CIGR-AgEng 2016 “Automation, Environment and Food Safety”, 26-29 June 2016, Aarhus University, Aarhus, DENMARK.
  • Donlao, N. and Ogawa, Y. 2016. In vitro starch digestibility of cooked non-waxy long grain rice (Oryza sativa L.): The impact of post-harvest drying methods (Oral presentation). In: 75th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Agricultural Machinery and Food Engineers “Prospects on Agriculture and Food Production toward Global Population 9 Billion Time”, 27-30 May 2016, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyoto University, Kyoto, JAPAN.
  • Donlao, N. and Ogawa, Y. 2015. Effects of postharvest drying conditions on starch digestibility of cooked non-waxy long grain rice (Oryza sativa L.)(Poster presentation). In: 3rd international conference on food structures, digestion and health, 28-30 October 2015, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND.
  • Donlao, N., Fuggate, P. and Queentasari, D. 2015. Process development for dried bamboo shoot using biomass dryer (Oral presentation). In: Joint conference on environmental engineering in agriculture 2015, September 14-18, 2015, Iwate University, Morioka, JAPAN.
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  • Digdoyo, P., Donlao, N., Fugate, P. and Ahza, A.B. 2013. Effect of Spray Drying Conditions on Some Chemical and Physical Properties of Green Tea Powder (Poster presentation). In: The 15the Food Innovation Asia Conference, June 13-14, 2013, BITEC Bangna, Bangkok, THAILAND.
  • Donlao, N., Theppakorn, T. and Wahyuni, S. 2012. Effect of Extraction, Freeze Concentration and Spray Drying on Chemical Properties of Oolong Green Tea (Poster presentation). In: The 14th Food Innovation Asia Conference, June 14-15, 2012, BITEC Bangna, Bangkok, THAILAND.
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