The School of Agro-Industry organized an integrated workshop camp to enhance science and mathematics skills for Grade 2 students, Rangsri Witthaya Schoo, on 30 November 2023 include:

The School of Agro-Industry conducted an integrated workshop camp at Rangsri Witthaya School in Chiang Mai on November 30, 2023, aimed at enhancing the science and mathematics skills of Grade 2 students.

The morning session focused on post-harvest technology and logistics, covering activities such as learning packaging design and selecting cushioning materials for cargo, as well as techniques to reduce browning in trimmed fruits. In the afternoon, the camp featured the Food Science and Technology Innovation Program, including activities like the “Shopping Champion” session, where students learned to read food and beverage nutrition labels. Additionally, the “Sweet and Sour Station” allowed participants to test the sweetness and sourness of fruits and processed foods. The program also involved sweetness and acid measurements to assess product differentiation, along with sensory tests to distinguish between various products.